Rittik Wystup // Timpani EP

With his first EP in the pipeline, Wystup comes with a modern and fresh sound. „Timpani EP“ is a collection of his most recent four tracks, ranging from Deep House to Minimal. Influenced by the likes of Stimming, Plaid and Ravel, the tracks feature a depth in detail, with layers on top of layers – without sounding too overcrowded. Expect organic recordings as well as analog and digital sounds, relating to each other, conceiving an eclectic experience.

The opening track „Veronica’s Tympani“ reveals a catchy bassline and modern vocal editing, combining an elegant groove with a subtle drive. „Message from Home“ defines a broad range of textures, playfully interacting with each other, like raindrops touching the ground on a warm spring evening. Sound design clearly stands out in „Dopple Ganger“ – edited field recordings, as well as mystic vocals, create a gloomy atmosphere, with weight to microtones and detuned harmonies. The finisher, „Fraction“, rounds the EP with IDM-style percussions and fragile synthesis plateaus, radiating warmth throughout the frequency range. All synthesis elements in „Fraction“ come from the Cloud Generator, an open-source synthesiser developed by Wystup.

Give the tracks a close listen and dive into a sonic exploration which reaches beyond the standards of the four-to-the-floor formula, cascading streams of playfully but intelligently arranged elements. Don’t quiver, just cavort…


An extraordinary debut by the young german that has already earnt him a lot respect within the scene picking up support from the likes of Matthias Tanzmann, Âme, Timo Maas, Audiofly, Danny Tenaglia, Richy Ahmed, dOP, Chris Fortier, Animal Trainer, Marco Carola, Luca Bacchetti, Pillowtalk, Reboot, Uner, Markantonio and many more.


Artist: Rittik Wystup Release Date: 08.03.2019